U.s. Constitution, Discrimination

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Faults in the U.S. Constitution, Discrimination in America

One very monumental event in the history of the United States is the ratification and signing of the United States Constitution.This took place in the year 1787 .The Bill of Rights is actually the part of the constitution that defines the rights of the citizens of the United States.This significant document helped spell out individual rights and freedoms.Although the signing of the U.S. Constitution solved many problems it failed to solve the problem of discrimination against African Americans,women and gays and along with that the ongoing issue of Slavery.
Discrimination was still a problem after the signing of the constitution in 1787. Until then certain minority groups were extremely segregated in places like; restaurants, hotels,and movie theaters.Peaceful sit-ins by students happened in about 100 cities in 1960,In 1963 president John F. Kennedy had a plan, a plan called The Civil Rights Act .The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is what actually ended further discrimination against people of different color ,race, or even religion.
Slavery was when a landowner owned a slave as piece of property and made them do manual labor, these slaves had no say in what other people did like politics and elections.The 3/5 compromise was ,well, a compromise to make 5 slave equivalent to 3 people, giving slaves some influence.The constitution didn 't do much for slavery,this would be a shortcoming for the U.S constitution.The 13th
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