U.s. Debt Is Growing

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1. If the U.S. debt is growing, why doesn 't the government cut back on spending and can you make any recommendations on what to cut? (Hint: You should consider the list of "Largest Budget Items" listed on the Debt Clock before making recommendations.)
Answer: If there is a difference in the spending of government and the in income will lead to the deficits. More over deficits occurs when the amount of government total budget exceeds its total receipt for a fiscal year was said by US senate budget committee. From the US debit clock, largest budget items list are medical, social security, defense/war, income security, net interest on debt, federal pensions. As we can see that the largest budget items every item has its own importance for Medicare the budget is $949 billions, social security is $872 billions, defense is $591 billion, income security is $310 billions, net interest on debt is $245 billion, and federal pensions is $253 billion. A cut back in the spending of the government is not an easy task because which lead to so many issues. Every items has got his own importance consider defense which is a national importance, medical which is health importance, likewise every items has got their own importance. I would recommend cut back on income security in which the budget is allotted to maintain forester care, earned income credit, unemployment compensation, nutrition assistance, family support, making work pay this is meant for the citizens of the social welfare.…
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