U.s. Department Of Justice Essay

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Even though employment rates are still down therefore the state can still hire qualified candidates. Keeping qualified candidates promotes the wellbeing of our state and citizens because Georgia experiences some of the highest turnover and employee are leaving to go to the private sector for better money. In certain organization in the state level such as: keep qualified candidate that promoted the well-being state and the citizens in arena such as correctional and police officer, hospital staff and other trained individual. Without trained individual, the citizens with mental health are the one that will be hurt. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution found that 130 patients at state-run hospitals had died under questionable circumstances over the course of seven years. That is when the feds stepped in. U.S. Department of Justice looked into the conditions of Georgia’s mental hospitals. What federal investigators found was that patients in Georgia facilities were dying or committing suicide at alarming rates. What is worse, the feds said, is that those incidents of neglect and abuse could have been prevented. The annual turnover rate among health care employees is startling. Some turnover is unavoidable: people get married, move away, go back to school or retire. However, other types of turnover are preventable. According to the Human Resource Management Association, 20.4 percent of health care employees (one in five) quit their jobs every year. The number easily exceeds the
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