U.s. Diplomats Work With Other Agencies And Countries

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Working with other agencies and countries, the United States responds to world health problems and monitors the spread of potentially dangerous diseases. U.S. diplomats work with other nations and through multilateral institutions to help improve the lives of people everywhere (“How does the US department of State engage with other Countries?”). The United States reaches out to other countries as well, even if they cannot let a certain number of immigrants into the country. Providing particular countries with helpful organizations from the United States, is an influential way to start preventing illegal immigration. If the United States flourish well there should not be an excuse to not help provide for people around the world. It does not mean illegal immigrants have to come to our country. Helpful organizations demonstrate that America does care about violence around the world and is making an effort to prevent violence, poverty, and hunger in other countries. You may ask the question, “What if they need to provide for their family?” This is a controversial topic throughout the world. A solution would be for them to apply for a visa right when they are eligible. The longer they wait, the longer they could be struggling. Some women in foreign countries have children at an early age and are stuck in a situation they cannot handle. These countries should be more informed about how this can affect their future at such a young age. If these women know they will not be able to
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