U.s. Dollar Generals ( Dgs )

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Views from the DG Dollar Generals (DGs) are popping up left and right. DGs are now in our backwards challenging all of our local businesses. Working at the DGs is not a hard job once the store is stocked and ready for business. I used to see DGs as where “sorry people” worked because overtime, people get lazy and let the DGs go and make it look almost impossible to get it back looking nice again. But that was until my buddies and I started working at the new DG in Ino. We are all there to make money to have for gas, keep girlfriends happy (which seems almost impossible to do), and other expenses. We are determined to keep our DG up and running great with no dirty isles, no items stuck behind others, and no rude employees. Dollar General is the place to shop because it has a good trained staff, a friendly-clean environment, and cheaper products to bring in more business. A store’s staff is like columns, holding up the stores foundation from mayhem. To be part of a staff anywhere you have to be determined for whatever before you walk into the doors of that particular business to work for. If you have a store with employees working for you and they are not trained, they won’t have a clue what tasks they are there to complete. Trained employees is a key to success in a business. The manager of the DG is in control of hiring workers who she sees will be a good worker for the business. It’s not hard to comprehend the basic needs of a good employee. A good employee help’s a

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