U.s Expansionism : Manifest Destiny

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Vivian Natasya
Mrs. Todoric
AP Lang. 4B
January 17, 2016
U.S Expansionism: 1850-1910 Manifest destiny was merely the concept that Americans were destined, by God, to expand throughout the continents. As the United States grew in authority, so did its concept of expansionism. This very concept brought about the war with Mexico which led to the United States receiving what is now known as the southwest. At the outset, the market revolution, advancements in transportation, and increasing nationalism drove Americans to seek opportunities to spread the virtues of the United States across the continent and beyond. The belief in manifest destiny caused the United States to expand from “sea to shining sea” (Bailey, Kennedy, and Cohen). In spite of obtaining more territory, it caused numerous problems as it led to the north and south disagreeing on whether the new territory should be a free state or not. Subsequently, expansionism came to a halt and would not resume until after the Civil War has concluded. Ensuing the horrendous events of the Civil War, reconstruction and industrialization, America soon resumed its course towards expansion. Now that the United States is a unified country, it is not astonishing that America returns to amplifying its power in regards to the government, economy, and the military. This upsurge of power allowed the American navy numerous opportunities to grow, explore, and expand both in size and money. With improvements made to the ships, the navy is

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