U.s. Foreign Policy During The Cold War Essay

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The overview of The U.S. Foreign Policy

The objective of ‘the U.S. foreign policy’ course is to develop personal ability for applying IR theories to the U.S. foreign policy. Then, students will be able to understand the direction as well as the grounds of the U.S. foreign policy. To achieve this objective, I will discuss major the theoretical issues through the brief history of the U.S. foreign policy until the Cold War. After that, I will examine the challenges which the U.S. confronts.
One of the theoretical issues in the U.S. foreign policy is the concept of isolationism and internationalism(or interventionism). To comprehend this concept, we need to figure out the history of the U.S. foreign policy briefly to find consistency in the flow of the policies. The Monroe Doctrine, which is famous for the declaration against European Imperialism (Monroe, 1823), was actually not the first argument of isolationism. As a matter of fact, isolationism began from George Washington’s Farewell Address. (Washington, 1796) Meanwhile, President Woodrow Wilson tried to change the America’s isolationism and to realize his liberalism via his Fourteen Points and the League of the Nations. (Wilson, 1918) However, his effort failed with the opposition of the parliament and the interest of World War I’s victorious countries.
In 1940s, the U.S. participated and took a significant role in the World War II, and could not hold isolationism due to the threat of communism and Soviet in Europe.
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