U.s. Foreign Policy Of Containment

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-George Kennan
George Kennan was a major factor in the U.S. foreign policy of containment, which was created during the Cold War in order to prevent the spread of Communist ideology of the Soviet Union in other countries. After World War II, George Kennan, “...a career diplomat and expert on Russia…”(Roark, Pg.867), had anticipated that the Soviet Union wanted to gain power and expand Communism throughout other countries, so in order to provide a counterforce and protect American capitalism, Kennan developed the idea of containment that defended threaten countries from Communist power with American atomic weapons, economic aid, espionage, propaganda, and army alliances. Eventually, the containment policy was significant in America and around the world because it was “...a critical turning point in the development of the Cold War, providing a compelling rationale for wielding U.S. power throughout the world.”(Roark, Pg.870) (Roark, Pg.867)

-Keynesian Economics
Keynesian economics, derived from the ideology of John Maynard Keynes’, was a strategy used during post World War II that would prevent economic decline in the United States by incorporating government spending. Keynesian economics would work by using “...deficit spending to stimulate the economy when in the down cycle and increased taxes to retire the debt during the upswing.”(Lecture A, Week 5). Some government spending programs that reflected the idea of Keynesian economics in America included The Employment
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