U.s. Government Aid Act Essay

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Dear Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Health care has been in the forefront in U.S politics in the last 10 years due to the Affordable Care Act which passed leading to mixed results. This topic has divided political parties where the Republic party have gone against the passing of Obama Care and have considered it a failure. The push for more affordable health care is not the only issue facing the U.S. Government aid, it has been drastically cut leading to many free health services to be scarce. This is due in part by the political ideology of neo-liberalism which goes against policies like the Affordable Care Act. It calls for a push against government spending on public health care. While you have voiced in favor of the Affordable Care Act and increase in government spending for Health care, such as medications and services for mental health; you do not take into account racial and class inequalities in your policies which can greatly impacts their lives. According to your website under health care you say that you will defend the Affordable Care Act but also expand it. “Hillary will stand up to Republican-led attacks on this landmark law—and build on its success to bring the promise of affordable health care to more people and make a “public option” possible. She will also support letting people over 55 years old buy into Medicare” (Clinton 2016). You went into detail about bringing down copay, cost of prescription drugs which are part of her vision to bring
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