U.s. Government And Privacy Issues

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Shawn Lusk CCR 092 Wanda Weldon 11 Nov 2014 The U.S Government & Privacy Issues The American government exploits privacy for the purpose of looking for clandestine terrorists. This affects all the citizens that log in, and post updates on a daily basis, when in actuality a piece of their privacy is being sent to the United States Government. The US government has a very powerful and watchful eye, within the borders of the nation and the rest of the world. Privacy issues are no obstacle for Big Brother (U.S. Govt.). Privacy affects many facets of our daily lives; lesser things have sparked revolutions in the past. Privacy should be the central focusing topic for the public in this data age for all citizens of the world. Whenever citizens of America, or the world for that matter, log in to their computers, they do not realize the U.S. Government is compromising their very privacy. Prior to the September 11th terrorist attacks of 2001 there was not a lot of surveillance being conducted on citizens of the world or to the magnitude of which we now see these days. Homeland Security, an entity of the U.S. Government, has been given vast and broad powers from the white house, congress, and the senate, as well as the National Security Agency (NSA). The NSA’s primary mission after 9/11 is to defend the United States of America, so their main mission is to intercept and thwart attacks from enemy’s bent upon causing mass destruction to the infrastructure of America, and
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