U.s. Government Over Unethical Data Turnover Orders Essay

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The topic of personal rights has long been a hot button that brings out fierce opinions and conflict. One such topic is the fourth amendment, or the protection from illegal search and seizure. This protection is fiercely enforced in the physical realm, but is grossly overlooked and abused in the digital by means of hacking and data collection requests. Another discussion point that will soon spark many debates is the case of Microsoft Inc. suing the U.S. Government over unethical data turnover orders. I will be arguing that the fourth amendment should be as fiercely protected the digital realm as it is in the physical, and that the government forcing professionals to violate confidentiality with their customers is morally unethical without just cause and proper adherence to the law. Microsoft is the latest company to stand up for the fourth amendment rights of citizens. On April 14, 2016 Microsoft filed suit due to the fact that “Over the past 18 months, the U.S. government has required that we maintain secrecy regarding 2,576 legal demands.” (blog.microsoft.com) This lawsuit is in regards to the government placing secrecy orders on their data requests that feature no end date. Microsoft feels that in doing so, the government is depriving them the ability to talk with their customers in order to maintain a healthy respect for business. Lacking this ability will inevitably result in loss of confidence in Microsoft over time, and eventually a massive downswing in their ability

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