U.s Health Care : Has Taught Me Valuable Information

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U.S Health Care, has taught me valuable information. We discussed many topic in class, which in reality is very helpful for the real world. When starting this course, my knowledge on U.S health care was that you just need health care to be able to see any medical profession and not pay a great deal of money. Now that course is coming to an end and my knowledge has expanded I know that health care is much more.. In fact, we also learned about how different countries health care work and not to mention how the liberal art college is important. Now I will briefly go into the topics, we have learned in U.S health care. For a start, when it come to U.S health care there is lot of pieces, it’s similar to a puzzle. Without one piece the picture isn’t complete with all the piece it make the picture clearer to see. The system gives of 10 basic characteristics which makes the U.S health care different from other countries Now let 's talk about the topic of determinants of health; I learned that when it comes to health many factors going into it, like social, psychic, and somatic. For example the healthier the population is the more it grows and a lot of factors tie into that. Furthermore, in U.S we have so many different cultural, so when it come to health care providers they have to train to with different culture’s beliefs and values. One cultural might find acceptable but other culture may not. There are many profession when it come to health care area. The members of health care
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