U.s. Healthcare Industry And Impact Of China

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An analysis of the U.S. Healthcare Industry and impact on China Zheng Wang (Bob) Harding University Portfolio Paper Introduction Though the whole term study, I think US health care system is definitely a good system that help American people manage their health, but this system still face some uncertain aspects in the future that need to be improved. America 's health system is probably the most expensive health care system, so it meets a lot of pressure and it needs to provide better and more effective medical treatment, but also reduce the price.18% of the GDP is to enter the medical costs, this is not a model of sustainable development. In fact, we are now considering cost 3% ~ 4% of GDP (China) the proportion of 18%…show more content…
The analysis then plots the implications for the industry over the next two decades, in three stages. Ultimately the compounding effect of all the innovations, breakthroughs and developments contribute to a new industry structure that promotes greater collaboration among industry players, more transparency into industry activities, and more adaptive or elastic models of health care delivery and organizational operation (Nicholas, 2010). Characteristics of American health care Influenced by the special historical background, U.S. immigration and nationality and more multicultural features than any other country. The influence of cultural diversity reflected in the field of medical treatment insurance, embodied in the field that is compatible with the dispersion and diverse group of medical treatment insurance, fully integrated use of multi-channel sources of medical insurance funds. Firstly, The United States as an immigrant country, doomed its diverse cultural and social background, it is impossible to form a unified national health care system, but to form a complex system, because of different market demand. In the system, the private nature of the medical insurance company is the most important role, the vast majority of American took part in the private health insurance, welfare medical insurance of social medical insurance and government become the necessary supplement, provide basic medical
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