U.s. Involvement : An Argumentative Essay

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U.S. Involvement in Syria: an Argumentative Essay Breaking news! US strikes Syrian military airfield in first direct assault on Assad government (Vanden Brook paragraph 1.) Syria has been at war with itself for six years and dozens of countries are stepping in to “make a difference.” When Syria’s Civil War broke out in 2011, the U.S. aided the rebels with non lethal supplies but the assistance soon shifted to training, funding, and intelligence. The U.S. has a specific goal in Syria, to retain peace and veer away from the use of chemical weapons. Despite this “reasonable cause,” citizens are not responding well to the government 's action. The United States has been ineffectively involved in Syria’s civil war since the beginning and has…show more content…
responded to this attack by issuing a sanction against the Syrian government. In 2017, Assad launched yet another chemical attack on the Syrian people. In response, President Trump had no hesitation when he launched 59 tomahawk missiles on a Syrian military base (Jazeera paragraph 13.) The fate of the United State’s true involvement in Syria is yet to come. The United States has a set goal on what to accomplish in Syria, which is to bring peace to the Middle East. As of now, the Assad regime and ISIS are the two top oppositions in the war and the U.S. hopes to stop the terroristic reign over Syria. However, the chaos is spreading into neighboring countries, infecting a larger portion of the Middle East (Franklin paragraph 10.) The United States is concerned about this because many of these countries that are surrounding Syria are allies to the U.S. Also, considering the fact that the Syrian government has used chemical attacks twice, the attention of the U.N. is already drawn. The United States not only wishes to instate a new leader in Syria, but they also plan to seize Syria’s chemical weapons, ultimately providing the Syrian people with a sense of relief. The United Nations wishes to revive relative world peace and considering that the United States is the only superpower, the U.S. government feels inclined to intervene in foreign affairs (Franklin paragraph 11.) Since the beginning of the war, United States citizens have shown extreme
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