U.s Law On Public Sector

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A REVISION OF THE CURRENT IMPACT OF US LAW ON PUBLIC SECTOR (May focus on CRA, ADEA, FLSA, ADAA, IDEA, FMLA) Laws are basically rules that bind all people and help protect general safety in a community, organization, association, team etc. Laws also help to enforce all individual rights as citizens. One important thing to know is that laws are different across different regions, states and countries. The most important thing to know about any place, organization, community and country is the laws that govern it. State law for driving at a safe speed in Pennsylvania is 65m/hr when driving in highway. If someone drive above 65m/hr and his caught, he will be found guilty of the law and he will be charge. In essence, laws help to maintain orderliness and protection of human rights. U.S law helps to impact positively the right of citizens in public sector and also helps promote equality among its citizens (Publications.Usa.gov, 2016). The high rate of discrimination and favoritism in the past has seriously been tackled and reduced to minimum. Law has helped all individuals to be given fair hearing to employment. Law helps protect all citizens from discrimination due to their race, age, gender or even disability. The law has no respect for any individual, all is subject to act under the law without any preference or favoritism. All citizens are governed by law no matter his or her position in the society. Law governs all, and no one is above the law. Former
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