U.s Market Expansion Of The United States

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U.S Market Expansion
Imagine if the Market Revolution never occurred in the United States. The Americans would have still been trading or bargaining within each other for important values they needed. Market Revolution is the reason why the United States’ economy expanded. As stated in the novel A People’s History of the United States, 1492-Present by Howard Zinn, “between the American Revolution and the Civil War, so many elements of American society were changing-the growth of population, the movement westward, the development of the factory system, expansion of political rights for white men, educational growth to match the new economic needs-that changes were bound to take place in the situation of women” (Zinn, 101). In other words, every American’s life was impacted by the Market Revolution but in their own way.
The Market Revolution occurred around the 1800s and 1840s impacting the lives of the Americans. It changed the way the farmers’ product their crops by using machines that increase their number of production. Also technology and transportation impacted the Americans by allowing the farmers to sell their produce to different sellers and locations instead of only being local. Further, many people were moving to the cities to find an industrial job that shifted the United States’ economy from traditional commerce to national market. The Market Revolution created two groups: the southerners and northerners. They both had different perspective about slaves. The…
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