U.s. Military 's Security

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The 21st century came accompanied by different worldwide security’s challenges. In this complex environment the U.S. must be able to use efficiently all instruments of power to defend the national interests. Now than ever the U.S. military power must be prepared to defeat the enemy using air, land, and sea. Thus, the transition of troops from the sea to the shore will remain an essential way to achieve a position of advantage over the forces hostile to U.S. interests. Frequent concerns of other countries related to improvement of anti-amphibious and amphibious operations highlight the importance of these kind of warfare in the future conflicts. Today’s concern is not about the possession of amphibious capabilities, but about the…show more content…
Finally, the Marines Corps effort to improve amphibious capabilities instead to be seen as a way to develop the U.S. ability to project power, it is seen as another method to preserve the service 's relevance.
At the same time, the request of American citizens for "zero casualties" is playing its separate role in the detriment of amphibious warfare. The history of 20th century showed that amphibious assault is typically a very difficult and risky operation, it is governed by a violent character that bring a high casualties rate. Moreover, in our day, when achievement of surprise during landing is almost impossible due to enemy 's intelligence capabilities, and when enemy has sophisticated weapon systems, to go ashore became much more dangerous. The fear of commanders for potential personnel and equipment loses conditions the exclusion of amphibious operations from the list of preferable options.
Another factor that has affected the development of amphibious operations is the reduction of defense budget. The Marine Corps along with other services has managed the reduction in funding by cutting capacities. Many procurement programs, capabilities, and force structures were under severe examination. The fiscally restrained environment associated with the questioned relevance of amphibious operations hit severely amphibious forces that are
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