U.s. Navy As A Symbol Of Power

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With factory production rates dramatically surpassing the population due to the Industrial Revolution and electricity, business owners now have the desire and oppurtunity to expand towards new markets. It would not only bring in new wealth, but help solve the economic despression.

Inspired by the philosophy of Social Darwanism, Anglo-Saxons or people of English descent believed they had a notion of superiority over any other culture. With this, Americans justified the view that it was the responsibility of the United States to help establish civiliazations across the globe and spread Christianity.

During the turn of the century, majority of the world nations were establishing global military prescences. Due to this, American leaders began to follow the models, and build up their own army nd navy as a symbol of power. This would allow them to compete against other nations and transform into an imperialistic nation.

When a bigger, more powerful nation uses its economic, political, and military power to conquer a weaker nation.

Alfred Mahan
Admiral for the U.S. Navy who was a big supporter of American Imperialism. To compete against other nations, he persuaded the government to strenghten the Navy by building various new battleships. The most famous are the Maine and the Oregon, advacning America to have the thrid world 's largest navy and ultimately, an imperialist nation.

William Steward
Secretary of State who was one of the first…
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