U.s. Navy As A Symbol Of Power

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With factory production rates dramatically surpassing the population due to the Industrial Revolution and electricity, business owners now have the desire and oppurtunity to expand towards new markets. It would not only bring in new wealth, but help solve the economic despression.

Inspired by the philosophy of Social Darwanism, Anglo-Saxons or people of English descent believed they had a notion of superiority over any other culture. With this, Americans justified the view that it was the responsibility of the United States to help establish civiliazations across the globe and spread Christianity.

During the turn of the century, majority of the world nations were establishing global military prescences. Due to
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After the Crimean war caused Russia to put their territory of Alaska for sale, Secretary Seward did not hesitate to take action. He made a deal with the Russians to buy the land for 7.2 million dollars. Alaska was officially a state in 1959, brining tremendous amounts of resources like oil and minerals to the United States, officially starting the Imperialist movement.

The McKinley Tariff of 1890
At the turn of the century, American business and plantation owners controlled majority of the Hawaiian economy, especially in the sugar industry. In fact, sugar production was so great in Hawaii, the government allowed imports of sugar to be tax-free, giving the plantation owners a privileged status within the world of trade. However, this privilege was threatened when the McKinley Tariff Act was passed in 1890, causing Hawaiian plantations to face competition from the markets within the United States. As a result, plantation owners began to advocate and push for the annexation of Hawaii to get around the tariff. It was the crisis that this tariff brought that marked the start of Hawaii’s journey towards statehood.

Establishment of Pearl Harbor
Along with heavy economic control, the United States also established a strong military presence within the Hawaiian Island. In the year 1887, American military leaders convinced Hawaiians to allow them to construct a naval base within Pearl Harbor. The purpose was to have a port where naval ships could
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