U.s. Passport And Visa Database

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In July 24, 2014, one crazy thing happened, especially affected all U.S. travelling people. The U.S. passport and visa database crashed! The database is used to record, approve and print visas and other related documents for global people who plan to go U.S. for travelling. All international students in U.S. should apply and receive the visa before they come to U.S. More than 50,000 applicants had to delay their travelling (Press, 2014).
Today ‘Big data’ is more popular than before, the performance of a database is becoming extremely important, including family life, school studying, office work and all business. Providing reliable and faster database services is the goal of organizations including any business, schools, and
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To improve and better system performance, high quality hardware is extremely important. In a database system, hardware includes many parts, such as CPU processing power, available primary memory (RAM), hard disk, and network about high-speed connection (Coronel and Morris, 2015). For CPU basic requirement, normally it should have dual-core CPU or higher to increase the database performance as fast as possible. The larger RAM is, the computer will run faster. Hard disk is essential to the fast speed for a database environment. Finally, without a high speed network connection, high database performance cannot be guaranteed. Today, switches are much faster than hubs. Using switches instead of hubs can improve the network effectivity and efficiency. A reliable and high speed network can improve the database performance and reduce response time. However, in a real world, unlimited hardware support is impossible. Company normally purchase the maximized possible based on the budget cost.
The other important element is software for a database performance. Software includes operating system, network for best throughput and application software (Coronel and Morris, 2015). . Today, 64-bit OS is a better choice for operation system selection. It normally can perform a better system performance than 32-bit OS system; also it has a better server application performance than others. For
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