U.s. President Bill Clinton

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(look up,smile and wave) Thank you, General Secretary Chairman Phu Trong and Chairwomen Kim Ngan, thank you for your warm welcome.

(proudly) Such a pleasurable coincidence that in the year 2000, former US-president Bill Clinton, the first to ever address to this great nation was also here at Hanoi National University. I am more than honored to have the same invitation.

(more serious) Today marks the 21st year since the formal normalization of the diplomatic relationship between our two countries. Today, also marks the beginning of growth our two countries will embrace. Speaking for the people of my country and myself, I have never been more grateful, for this to have happened. I am proud to be here, today.

Vietnam in the views of many Western nations, is a country that is growing both economically and socially, so fast that today, it has best United States in so many areas. It has attracted world-class investors and entrepreneurs, benefiting the economic development of the country. Socially, just only last year, the total number of international arrivals in 12 months reached by 8 million, whilst just the past 6 months, it has received and warmly welcomed more than 7 million visitors came from everywhere in the world. Vietnam is ranked as the 33rd country in the world to spend a large percent of its expenditures on education. A major factor for any country to improve socially, economically and to secure a better future for the young.

There are many young Vietnamese in
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