U.s. President 's Political Stance Essay

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While the President may believe that the US is doing more and gaining almost nothing from having military bases in East Asia, the reasons which will be explained below will argue otherwise with the full intention of convincing the President to continue the political stance taken by previous Presidents. The Trump administration may think that US bases in the East Asian region is not mutually beneficial, but a parasitical relationship, but numbers, statistics, and data beg to disagree. Even from a logical standpoint of diplomacy, the US gains a lot by having its military bases in the region. The President is considering withdrawing our troops if these countries “don’t do their part” but political experts concur that these countries indeed do and exceeds what’s expected of them. While on the veneer, the US receives nothing in return the following paragraphs of facts and logic may convince the President that having such bases is more favourable. The US should unceasingly extend our support to our allies in East Asia and other regions all over the world because it will be beneficial to project our military power and denuclearization is the way of the future.
There are predominantly 2 domestic and international reasons each why keeping our troops and non-proliferation is better than the contrary.
Since 1968, US policy towards nuclear weapon has been towards non-proliferation ⁽¹⁾. The US is one of the few countries who boast the capacity to have nuclear weapons, but ironically or
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