U.s. Private And Public Schools

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Mexico has both: private and public schools. This does not mean that all people have the opportunity to study where they wish, because the options for studying without expensive tuition require a selection process. Merida, the city where I grew up, is no exception. I was fourteen and was about to start one of the most important stages of my life: to be accepted at school number 2 of the Autonomous University of Yucatan also known as "UADY". This school was and remains the most prestigious university of my city, state and one of the most important in the country. Studying at the "Prepa 2" is practically free; you just have to cover an annual fee of $ 2.600 Mexican pesos, pay for uniforms, and buy books and school supplies. It is an investment equivalent to $ 250.00 Canadian dollars per year. Besides all this, being a graduate from this school was a way to set foot into one of the best university faculties in the country. By starting high school I was also choosing my future as a university student. My parents always instilled in me the importance of a good education. I was an outstanding student from kindergarten through middle school. After middle school my dad enrolled me in a preparation course, which the Prepa 2 was offering for getting the admission in this institution. They were happy days; I was with my best friends Angelica, Vianney and Emanuel. We had studied together since primary school, and they also took the course with me. After one month, the test day arrived
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