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U.S.-Ghana Relations U.S. involvement in Africa in general, Ghana in particular, has shown ebbs and flows according to a broad range of factors including, most notably, political stability, economic growth and safety measures. Probably, Obama 's much-hyped visit to Ghana in 2009 is an indication of U.S.-Africa 's dynamic relation that has historically been centered on aid. Ghana, a West African country, has witnessed a steady economic growth over recent years, and by virtue of her political stability achieved via fair and free elections, has managed to be home for a growing number of U.S. businesses. Departing from an aid-centered model of U.S.-Africa relations, Ghana is redefining her educational, economic and social relationships with U.S. True, U.S. remains a source of significant aid to Ghana. However, U.S. aid investments in Ghana are helping convert Ghana into an economy of increasing growing force not only regionally but also in the whole African continent. To better understand U.S.-Ghana relations, more specifically U.S. growing influence in Ghana, in areas of education, agriculture and immigration, the present brief offers an overview of U.S. influence on Ghana. U.S. assistance to Ghana is mainly provided by USAID ("U.S. Relations With Ghana"). The agency has, in fact, helped Ghana introduce radical changes in Ghana 's educational system. This is manifest in USAID/Ghana’s Education Development Objective, which aims to enhance essential skills for primary school
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