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In recent years women in the United States have been making advancements in leadership roles. One place that women, in the past, had not been able to take on more power is the military. In just the past few years’ women have been allowed to serve in combat roles, however little advancements have been made for them to serve in special operation forces. In just the last few weeks some this has been questioned as two women are about to graduate from ranger school. Having women graduating from ranger school, a grueling leadership course in the military, shows advancements women are making in leadership roles today. The fact that these two women have been able to make it to graduation at an elite military leadership course is huge. This is the…show more content…
However there are still many obstacles for female advancements. While these two women were able to graduate from the ranger program, according to military rules, even though they have completed the ranger program they are not allowed to try out or serve on the ranger regiment (Oppel). This shows the heavy divide in female to male leadership roles. Despite the heavy restrictions placed on female soldiers this new development may be just what is needed to allow women to have a place in higher leadership roles. According to Oppel the Army and other branches of service have until January 1st to decide what jobs are going to be open to women. This shows the leading role these women have already taken on. They are setting the way for other women to make advancements in all fields. Women have been taking on more responsibility in the military as time has moved on. They have served our nation in combat and some have even been a part of support teams to help Ranger and Navy SEALS in the past. According to Oppel, “some women even perform intelligence gathering as part of SEAL Team 6’s top- secret Black Squadron. “ This shows that women have been a vital part of military victories for years. One commander mentioned in Oppel piece in defense of women is Colonel Fivecoat. He said that he would always make sure two women would be assigned to his company.
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