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This program evaluation contains the overall progress of the 529 plans and the benefits. The objective of the 529 plans by the Government of United States of America is to provide advantages to the college savers in availing the tax rebates and tax reductions. The educational system is benefiting from these plans and the document provides the analysis of the factors that play their part in the providing the benefit to the sector and the overall economy. According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (2014), the educational system of the United States is world-renowned and is well established. In the United States of America, the US Department of Education controls different plans relating to the educational affairs in the country. The previous Department of Education was developed in 1867 and was recreated in 1979. The primary functions of this department are establishing the policy for administering support for the education and conduct data collection from the schools and it enforces the rules and regulations pertaining to the educational law. However, this department does not establish the schools in any area of the United States. The below diagram explains the states that have the incentivized 529 plans U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (2014). Source: http://cfed.org/blog/inclusiveeconomy/west_virginia_launches_new_college_savings_initiative/ In this evaluating, I am considering evaluating the 529 plan, which is introduced by the US government to
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