U.s. Security Interests On Egyptian Citizens

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Introduction Over the past five years Egypt has been in a growing state of turmoil. It has suffered two coup d’états that has resulted in five different leaders, and a constant change in national aims. It temporarily lost US economic aid and military support, and the recent studies have brought to light the effect that global warming will have on Egyptian citizens in the near future. If you consider all these aspects together, you may assume that Egypt is in risk of soon becoming another problem state for U.S. security interests. However, if you take a closer look at the changes made in just the last two years, you can see that the opposite is true. This paper will argue that rather than being a hindrance to U.S. security interests, Egypt has the potential to be one of its greatest allies. To do this, it will first look at the overall importance of Egypt in the National Security’s objectives of the United States. It will then review the history of US-Egyptian Relations, Egypt’s military involvement with the United States, and the recent political changes that are shaping Egypt’s future. Then finally this paper will take a moment to exam the leadership of Egypt’s newest President, Abdel Fatteh el-Sisi. In doing so we will be able to see how Egypt is poised to be a key player, in accomplishing the U.S. security objectives, and gain a better understanding of why the U.S. must make it a priority to support Egypt’s newly established leadership. Egypt’s Strategic Importance
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