U.s. Senate Armed Services Committee

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In today’s day and age, manufacturers have the capability to collaborate with scientists to create new gear for troops fighting for their country. However, rather than doing that, manufacturers and scientists alike are investing billions of federal dollars in artificial soldiers and machinery. Rather than increasing the physical protection of soldiers in battle conditions, they are frugally wasting money on the possibility of a success in the development of a wartime fighter of artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, troops overseas are being put at risk due to inadequate armor. By fitting our troops with new tactical gear rather than investing in soldiers with artificial intelligence, one can avoid the risk of faulty armor. Sending out …show more content…

An example of one case is when counterfeit transistors were found on a night vision (or FLIR) system used in the Navy’s SH-60B helicopters. If those night vision systems were to fail, the Navy has stated that the helicopter would be unable to conduct critical surface warfare missions. With these numbers, the federal government has invested money in agencies that can lend a hand in the decrease of faulty military supplies. One of these agencies is The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which receives federal funding in order to develop future scientific and technological military gear and devices. They are currently developing a solar powered sensor of “unprecedented proportions” in their Integrated Sensor Structure program. It’s a stratospheric airship that would do persistent wide area surveillance, tracking, and engagement of air and ground targets. There are also plans for a system that neutralized surface-to-air threats to aircrafts. One risk of artificial intelligence is that machines can malfunction and not know when to stop advancing on the enemy or distinguish between an enemy and a citizen, and not have a risk of unnecessary carnage. Today’s modern warfare is high-paced, mobile, and technologically advanced. It has been stated that “today’s sophisticated weapons can malfunction, be too lethal, and their speed and effective range reduces reaction time and decreases the ability to distinguish

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