U.s. Should Adopt A Free International Trade Policy

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The question of whether the U.S. should adopt a free international trade policy is a hotly debated one. Currently, the U.S. has a relatively open trade policy and enjoys free trade with twenty countries1 and more are being added to this list through new agreements. But does it benefit from free trade? Evidence, which I will present in this paper, show that the benefits of free trade highly outweigh the little and often misinterpreted disadvantages. In light of this, the U.S. should adopt a free trade policy and look forward to new trade agreements. When evaluating the benefits of free trade, the first economic concept we must look at is comparative advantage: the comparative benefit one nation has over another in the production of a…show more content…
consumers would face inflated prices in a market devoid of international competition. However, cheaper goods are not the only advantage of free trade. Trade involves exports too, and as 95% of the consumers in the world are outside of the U.S., free trade opens a portal for the U.S. producers to sell their goods to a larger pool of consumers who potentially value the goods more than the U.S. consumers.5 According to Daniella Markheim and Anthony Kim of The Heritage Institute, without free trade, the U.S. manufacturers would be limited to selling to a lower number of consumers inside the U.S. and this would mean less firms producing, fewer jobs, and even lower wages. They say “Today, the $12 trillion U.S. economy is bolstered by free trade, a pillar of America 's vitality. American exports support one in five U.S. manufacturing jobs. Jobs directly linked to the export of goods pay 13 to 18 percent more than other U.S. jobs.”6 Further, United States Trade Representative estimates that the U.S. exports supported 11.3 million jobs in 2013. This clearly demonstrates how exports through free trade is beneficial to the U.S. economy. Evidence also shows that free trade stimulates a chain of growth in the economy because as economy becomes better as an effect of free trade, spending in the market increases, increasing demand. This results
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