U.s. Should Adopt An Open Borders Policy

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The U.S. should adopt an open-borders policy in which all immigrants are welcomed.
Agreement: One thing that will never change throughout the history of the human species is that we will continue to move. Whether it’s to the next state, the next country or to the next planet, travelling is in our destiny. There are many reasons as to why people decide to get up and suddenly leave the homelike environment that they have come to know. Sometimes it’s war, sometimes it’s poverty, and sometimes it’s just a need for change. Immigrants come in all shapes and sizes and as a whole, they bring about many well-needed additions to our country. A very debatable question that has been stirring up a lot of controversy lately is whether or not the U.S. should adopt an open-borders policy. Looking at how immigration has affected not only the U.S., but the rest of the world over the course of time, it is easy to see how having an open borders policy will be the best option for the U.S. When discussing the topic of immigration in the U.S., it is important to look back on how it has helped shape our past. The U.S. was essentially built by immigrants. The general increase in innovation since the beginning of the U.S. was greatly due to the millions of immigrants that were coming to America in search for a better life. Almost every city that’s seen here in the U.S. today was built by immigrants and their descendants. Every new mind entering our country, brought with it hundreds of new ideas.

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