U.s. Should Replace Fossil Fuel With Renewable Energy

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Daniel Gomez
Professor Melissa Tran
English 061 26754
14 November 2016
Renewable Energy The U.S. should replace fossil fuel with renewable energy. There are many reasons that the U.S. can use renewable energy to improve the economy. First of all, renewable energy can have a more stable price. Unlike fossil fuel, renewable energy is a continual source of energy that will not be as demanded, and will not cause inflation. Next, using renewable energy is a key to having a clean and green environment. It will not cause pollution to the environment and will keep cities clean. Finally, the United States can provide more efficient jobs for unemployed workers. People will have more opportunities for jobs like installing or building any source of renewable energy. Replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy can be more efficient because it will have a stable expense, it is a clean way to help the environment, and it can provide several jobs. Renewable energy can be more affordable to people in the U.S. There are many possible ways it can be more affordable. For example, a renewable energy such as electricity can power automobiles with a be less expensive cost than to power it on fuel. Since fuel is related with international market, the price on fuel often result to inflation and deflation (Leistikow n. pag.). According to the chart on Gasoline vs. eGallon prices, Dan Leistikow compares, “Fueling your car with gasoline costs roughly 3 times more than fueling with electricity” (n.
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