U.s. Space Program Research

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U.S. Space Program Research Paper
By: Joseph Cooney & Romal Ebadi

The U.S. Space Program funding has been cut drastically, and their mission to mars has slowed dramatically. The Space Program is needed in the community, and in the world because it helps reunite each other. Like the mission to the moon took the people 's minds off of the buildup of nuclear weapons (Cold War). The program getting cut would be a major let down for the American people, because a major thing that had united the country during a scary time during not only America 's history, and the history of the World . Another thing is that the only real issue with keeping the U.S. Space Program would be that it costs billions of dollars just to keep it running. It would
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Supporters would also say that the “Space Race” held the U.S. and Russia at bay at this time of immense tension. Between the years of 2012 and 2013, the Space Program has lost billions of dollars of funding. In the year of 2014, it slowly began to make a comeback from its financial loss in the years of 2012 and 2013. NASA’s new budget has caused one of their programs called “Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy “SOFIA” funding to be cut. Without a new source of funding that is at least $85 million a year, it would force them to postpone their project which is the largest airborne observatory which can observe things even better than the largest of the telescopes that are planted on earth.

Cutting NASA’s education programs is considered by many people to be counterproductive. Currently there is a need for many scientists, and a need for many engineers. To cut these education programs would be a waste of money, and would not be helping the issue of getting the scientists, and the engineers that people need. To be forced to stop the progress that the people have made to get to the point that they are at, in this point in time would be saying that all the work in which the people have done was a huge waste of time. Which it is the exact opposite. NASA has given the world many different technologies that people would not have had if they were not there. A few examples could be LEDs, artificial limbs, and water purification. If
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