UAAA Violations

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In his own words from an excerpt out of his book Tanked!: behind the scenes with the NFLs biggest stars by the games most infamous super agent:, Black mentions, “One fact that will always be true, almost all agents give and loan players things of value because that is the nature of the business. Any top agent who claims to never have given a player or loaned a player something is simply not being honest.” Black pointed out how he co-signed for car loans and advanced cash prior to athletes signing contracts with his agency. Black’s most notorious violation was using his clients money for investment in a ponzi scheme which is a breach of fiduciary duties. There are several things to consider that make the case for stricter punishments for unethical agent behavior. Under the Federal Trade Commission Act, a sports agent may receive punishment of as much as $11,000 for violation of an unfair or…show more content…
In order to eliminate this from happening the Uniform Athlete Agent Act (UAAA) was established in the year 2000 and has since been revised and amended on several occasions to strengthen the regulations. The UAAA is a model state law that provides a means of regulating the conduct of athlete agents. In most states the UAAA requires an athlete agent to register with a state authority such as the Secretary of State in order to act as an athlete agent in that state. During the registration process, an athlete agent must provide important background information, both professional and criminal in nature. The UAAA has four main components that: 1) Prohibit an agent from giving false or misleading information or promises with the intent to induce a student-athlete into signing an agency contract. 2) Prohibit an agent from furnishing anything of value to a student-athlete before signing
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