UBTKM 1013 OCT Tutorial Questions

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To discuss administrative issues and general discussion about unit plan, marketing concepts, study method with students.

Tutorial 2 (Chapter 1)

1. Explain the concept of marketing. What are some common misconceptions about marketing?

2. Describe the significance of the shift from transaction-based marketing to relationship marketing. When does relationship building begin?

3. Define marketing myopia, and describe how a company can overcome a myopic view. Give an example of a successful avoidance of marketing myopia.

4. What is the major distinction between the production era and the sales era?

5. What is utility? Discuss the four types of utility and give example of each.

Tutorial 3 (Chapter 2)
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5. Why is brand equity so important to companies? What are the characteristics of an effective brand name?

Tutorial 8 (Chapter 18 & 19)

1. Identify and explain the major categories of pricing objectives for profit-organization.

2. What is the difference between a skimming price strategy and a penetration pricing strategy? Under what circumstances is each most likely to be used?

3. Why is competitive pricing risky for marketers?

4. Explain everyday low pricing (EDLP). Give an example.

. 5. Explain psychological pricing and give three examples of this concept.

Tutorial 9 (Chapter 13)

1. What is a marketing intermediary? What is the intermediary’s role?

2. List and explain the three levels of distribution intensity.
3. What is dual distribution? What technological advances are increasing the use of dual distribution? Give an example of dual distribution in the marketplace.

4. Compare and contrast the two types of channel conflict.

5. What are the benefits of owning a franchise? What are the drawbacks?

Tutorial 10 (Chapter 14)

1. Describe six types of non-store retailing.

2. Why are atmospherics important to retailers? Do all retailers need the same level of atmospherics?

3. Differentiate between direct selling and direct-response retailing. Cite examples of both.

4. In what ways has the Internet changed direct-response retailing?

5. Define scrambled merchandising. Why has this practice become so common in

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