UCSD Community Analysis

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The University of California at San Diego, UCSD, is a growing community of diverse individuals from all around the world, bringing various linguistic abilities, social, political, religious views, perspectives, and experiences. UCSD is not an ordinary university; people are challenged beyond belief with a high academic focus, gain experiences never imagined before because of opportunities with established and scholarly professors, and share perspectives from all around the world to create the UCSD community. Each student, staff, and faculty member are integral members of the community who have their own meaning and interpretation of the university and what they hope to gain from their experience. The UCSD community offers a unique social and…show more content…
This location impacts a majority of UCSD students because of its quality, location, and student desire for coffee beverages and contains a variety of sounds each contributing to the meaning and overall placing. The coffee cart is the Art of Espresso in Muir College, located near Library Walk and center campus. It is well known by students for having the best espressos on campus. Not only do students go to this particular coffee cart to purchase espressos, but also to have conversations with current friends, meet new people, and engage with faculty and staff outside of the classroom. The Art of Espresso generally has music playing to set the mood for the environment, inspiring conversation and exploration. David Hendy describes music’s placement in specific locations by suggesting “Instead of offering merely a pleasing background entertainment, music was increasingly thought of as something capable of offering a sublime and deeply personal experience” (Hendy 235). Individuals walk away from the Art of Espresso generally in positive moods, haven gained an experience from their interaction with individuals at the coffee cart. The Art of Espresso also has other various sounds including, people walking, people talking, music playing, monetary exchange, coffee grinders, espresso machines, and natural sounds. Each of…show more content…
The soundscape begins with general background almost blur noises and wind blowing. The breezy atmosphere at UCSD muffles intricate noises. The sounds hint at the presence of cars, machines, buildings running, and construction occurring in the distance. Constant noise and construction are prevalent at UCSD and can be heard from almost anywhere on campus. Construction at UCSD represents the growth of knowledge and innovation on the campus. Hendy reiterates this noise presence by saying “It’s a standard feature of global twentieth- and twenty-first-century life that cities are noisy” (304). Although UCSD is located in La Jolla, CA, it is a smaller city within the larger city of San Diego, CA, both prominent with various noises. The presence of noise leads individuals to speak, communicate, and question in both positive and negative aspects, rather than an intensively quiet environment if noise was not present focusing solely on studying and class learning. The soundscape continues with wind blowing in the background as the university is located near the Pacific Ocean and often experiences sunny weather and breezy winds. The campus landscape also includes eucalyptus trees which are unique because they tie the community together ever since being a model for Dr. Seuss’s illustrations and story line. As fall nears, leaves begin to fall and people hear crunchy sounds
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