UIII Examine the Role of Critical Thinking

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UIII Examine the Role of Critical Thinking
Elder and Paul (2011) posit, “There are predictable stages through which every person who develops as a critical thinker passes” (p. 1). I agree with this assertion. If we assume that the premise learning is a process holds true, then that process offers great insights of Elder and Paul’s argument. The later premise for learning as a process shows that a thinker must moves from regions of familiarity to unfamiliar one. Critical thinking requires that the person understand the basic concept of a theory if s/he is to think critically about that theory. The converse ideation where critical thinking precedes basic understanding is fallacious. This makes critical thinking process to be predictable.
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Thinking in such a scenario shifts from mere speculations to thinking rationally by widening the scope of thinking. Nevertheless, this is a decision that the nurse makes rather than the policies and guidelines established to govern nursing practice. The nurse moves from basic reasoning to “critical reasoning through active reflection and subsequent judgment” (Benner, Hughes, & Sutphen, 2008, p. 3). This cannot take place automatically. The nurse has to be conscious or aware that s/he is thinking critically about a situation or an intervention strategy.
If I am to develop my personal critical thinking ability, I must first make a conscious choice to understand the basic concept of a premise and then make critical reflection of this basic concept by expanding my thinking approach. To achieve this, I must ask radical questions that will enhance the scope of analysis and judgment. I must move from the region of subconscious thinking to one of conscious thinking because in so doing, I become aware that I am actually thinking. This awareness will allow me to think beyond rudimentary concepts through critical reasoning and critical reflection to decipher underlying issues that are concealed in the concept under investigation. By understanding the predictable

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