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Inter-professional working generates a wide-ranging of safety net to prevent vulnerable people at risk through the gap between health and social worker agencies. If functioning as a group is required for higher quality treatment, then we ought to discover procedures for health professionals to become great co-workers and educated staff people (McPherson et al. 2001). Therefore, it is crucial for the government and its policy for various organisations to work in partnership to achieve the set standards and goal. This essay will explore two key strategies that would strengthen interpersonal working to deliver better outcomes: Integrated Health and Social Care (Joint Working) and Inter-Professional Education (IPE).
As Scotland’s approach to the demographic challenges of an increasing ageing population, they set out a programme called Reshaping Care for Older People: a programme for change 2011−2021 (Scottish Government 2011). This programme goal is to enhance the well-being and independence of older people in a home setting. To support this, the Scottish Government have introduced the Integrated Health and Social Care (Joint Working) Act ( Scottish Parliament 2013), which requires NHS boards and local authorities to integrate their services, resulting in more joined-up, seamless health…
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