UK's Option to Reform its Electoral System for General Elections

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UK's Option to Reform its Electoral System for General Elections

In the UK the current voting system for electing MP's to the House of Commons is called First Post the Post. Within the UK alone there are 659 separate constituencies across the UK each electing only one single Member of Parliament. Different voting systems were used within the UK up to 1950. Then in the years after there have been many other, sometimes fairer voting systems like the Single Transferable Vote (STV) used in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, or the Alternative Vote (AV) used in Australia.

Despite the fact of their being easier voting systems, first past the post is still an easy system to understand. The
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There is great lack of choice given the voters, the candidates are selected by a small number of party members, and voters can only choose between parties, and not individual candidates. In addition voters are represented unequally; in 1997 the average number of votes per MP elected was 32,376 for Labour, but 113,826 for the Liberal Democrats. So this shows that the system is not as fair and as democratic as it should be.

An alternative voting system to First Past the Post, could be the Single Transferable Vote (STV), this system is used in Northern Ireland for general local elections. By using STV there are still constituencies but each is represented by more than one person, so normally about five or six representatives. Then each party will normally put forward more than one candidate in each constituency. The voters have to basically put the candidates in their order of preference, so it's similar to Alternative Vote in some aspects. The advantage of this system is that the voter can choose between parties and candidates.

This system is better than the present one, in certain ways, the major factor that the voter gets a lot of choice. STV is broadly proportional meaning that all parties will get the equivalent share of the constituency to the total number of votes. The main point of changing the electoral system within the UK is to get a more democratic

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