UND: A Career In The Medical Field

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The purpose and mission of UND fit my goal in life. While shadowing several physicians, I witnessed the impact a physician can have on families living under poor conditions. This inspired me to continue my education and pursue a career in medicine so that I can enhance the quality of life and serve underprivileged areas. In addition, UND will give me the opportunity to develop lifelong skills like caring, competent, and compassionate. Also, UND is a community-based medical school, which exposes students to patients who are managing their illnesses with their family and community. These relationships with patients and the community are very meaningful and enhance lifelong learning experience and the service of others. In other words, it will build my relationship with the community and develop my interpersonal skills.…show more content…
One of the main reasons I am interested in attending the UND SMHS is that I enjoy working with groups and I like the focus that UND puts on team-based education. As a member of an underprivileged community, UND will give me the opportunity to have a firsthand knowledge of rural and underserved area health care. My experience while volunteering to serve people in under resourced communities have grown my commitment to help these people not only by providing food, but also by becoming a physician, so I can devote my life to people suffering from diseases and severe
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