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1.1 Diversity means difference. It recognises that even though people have things in common with each other they are also different in many different ways. Diversity concludes of non-visible and visible which include staff members, culture, personality etc. Characteristics that are included and protected under the legislation are gender, disability, age, race, religion and belief and sexual preferences. As being co-ordinator in the day centre it is important to understand that each staff member is different which will help enable a comfortable and productive environment within the day centre to ensure each individual client feels valued. Equality means being equal in status, rights and opportunity's that arise in the day centre, no…show more content…
I need to ensure I provide and arrange adequate training for my staff on a regular basis and ensure they are aware of any new legislations. 3.2 Within my job role it is important to ensure equality is being promoted. As a co-ordinator it is important that everyone is given the opportunity to make informed decisions. As a manger within the unit, I need to identify my own personal responsibilities and liabilities under the code of conduct. At assessment, I will identify each clients individual needs and assess how their needs can be met at the day centre, should they take up placement. I need to be made aware by my manager by any changes in legislation and liase with external agencies when necessary re the progress the day centre is maintaining and identify any areas in which I have noticed that the day centre may benefit from, or may require due to changes in legislation. 3.3 Within the day centre to propose improvements in the systems I could arrange for more volunteers to do work experience within the unit including people from cultural backgrounds, participate in research work with local colleges and support groups to help my clients gain knowledge and understanding on how people live in other cultures and religions. In the day centre we celebrate most days, I could expand these celebrations and arrange culture days and celebrate on culture days. To address shortfalls in the day centre I would be closely looking at staff that I
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