UPS Battery Replacement: How to Do It in 8 Steps

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Just as a clock needs all the parts to work, a UPS system needs to have its various elements in the perfect working condition. Only with the little parts effectively working will the entire device function to its highest standard of protecting equipment from power surges and allowing data to be safely secured before power runs out. One of the most crucial parts used in a UPS network is the battery. It’s essential to ensure that this is kept in good working condition all throughout. As soon as signs signal the need for a replacement, this should be done immediately. Here at Powerfirm we’ll show you the eight steps in doing a UPS battery replacement. 1. Get the right battery for your UPS. To know the right UPS battery replacement you must first know the UPS brand, model name and number. In most UPS this is found at the bottom of the device on a small white sticker. After taking note of these details you can then find the right battery that’s compatible with the device. In the Powerfirm website finding the right battery for a UPS is easy. You just have to key in these details unto the search tool and the right battery will be displayed for you. Each UPS device model has a different battery that goes with it. It’s important that you get the right replacement to ensure your UPS system will be working right. 2. Unplug the UPS device. It’s very important to unplug the UPS device before the batteries are removed and replaced. This will ensure there are no electrical accidents

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