UPS: Case Study Questions

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UPS: Case study Q1. Their stated purpose is: "Enabling commerce around the world." Observe the types of business UPS is in. How do their various business units fit this statement? UPS is primarily known as a shipping and freight company. Virtually everyone who has ordered something online has received a package from the famous brown UPS truck. UPS enables goods to be delivered from businesses to consumers. It also ships freight by the truckload (and less-than-truckload) and by ocean and air. UPS can facilitate B2B commerce as well, as wholesalers can ship goods or raw materials to retailers or manufacturers. Q2. How much volume variability do you imagine each of the business units face? What resources do you imagine are required to provide capacity in each of the business units? The volume variability of the different business units is likely to be quite extreme. In terms of shipping to households, there is likely to be a spike in volume around holidays like Christmas. A similar increase is likely between businesses around the holidays, as goods are shipped internationally and across the country to stores. Of course, different industries will have different 'busy seasons,' so there may be small 'mini-spikes' within specific units. UPS ships by truck, air, and sea, requiring a fleet of vehicles in all three areas to satisfy customer demand. Q3. What kinds of job opportunities are available? How many employees do UPS have? UPS employment spans a vast range, including
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