Essay on US Change From Isoltaion to Involvement

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From the ideas of isolationism of the 1930's, between 1940 and 1962, the United States went from a country that did not want anything to do with the rest of the world to a country that was involved all over the world. Isolationism was caused not by an unwillingness of the American people to help those in need, but by the thought process that it was more important to help ourselves. During the 1930's, the United States was in the midst of the "The Great Depression". The "Great Depression" began with the stock market collapse of 1929. Prior to the collapse, the United States had enjoyed a long economic boom in which individual wealth had blossomed. That all ended on October 29th 1929. Losses were unbelievable. By the end of 1929, two…show more content…
Roosevelt proclaimed the New Deal and the government moved quickly. Banks were re-opened and the government passed an unprecedented amount of legislation. These New Deal programs were aimed at Roosevelt?s three R?s: Relief, Recovery and Reform. The New Deal programs brought hope to millions of Americans. It provided jobs and it gave people back their dignity. Roosevelt?s early foreign policy was subordinated to his strategy for domestic economic recovery. Roosevelt was unwilling to sacrifice the possibility of domestic recovery for the sake of international cooperation. This strategy basically blew up the sixty-six nation London Economic Conference of 1933. By doing so, Roosevelt?s every man for himself attitude plunged the planet onto even deeper economic crises and strengthened the global trend toward extreme nationalism. Reflecting the powerful persistence of American isolationism, Roosevelt?s actions played right into the hands of the power mad dictators who were determined to shatter the peace of the world. Americans would eventually pay a high price for the narrow-minded belief that the United States could go it alone in the modern world. The United States matched its isolationism from Europe with withdrawal from Asia. The United States was eager to free themselves from the Philippines, displaying a complete disregard to the political situation in Asia. American isolationists were

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