US Foreign Policy On Mexico In The 1900's

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Throughout the 1800s, U.S. interest in investing in Mexico grew. By the 1900s, they investing over a billion dollars in Mexico and some 50,000 citizens lived south of the border. Later on, “the majority of Mexicans, most of whom lived in rural areas, grew poorer and more desperate” (Information about U.S. Foreign Policy on Mexico). As their desperation matured, a violent defeat killed over 10,000 Mexicans. Overtime, Mexico and the United States grew more troubling as the U.S navy was detained by officials. “Although the Mexicans released and formally apologized to the sailors, the U.S. commander demanded a 21-gun salute to the U.S. flag” (Information about U.S. Foreign Policy on Mexico). America was not satisfied with apologizes and forced
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