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3.3.4 Journal: Your Experiences on the Trail U.S. History Sem 1 (S2529194) Points possible: 20 Journal Date: ____________ Pre­Writing 1. Who were you on the Trail of Tears? (1 point) Tennessee Rogers 2. Begin by listing your character’s experiences. If you have many, list just the four most interesting ones. (1 point) I leave my home and only able to pack what the army will allow, it is almost winter. I have to hunt with a blowdart gun because my gun was taken away. I have to cross the mississippi river and loved ones drown but I continue I have reached Tahlequah, Oklahoma, many loved ones have died 3. Now, turn each of these experiences into a sentence. Don't forget to add details! (1 point)…show more content…
Writing Assignment Write a complete paragraph that describes your experiences on the Trail of Tears. Use the topic sentence and support you completed in the pre­writing section. Add a conclusion to finish your thoughts. Be sure to use lots of good detail. Of course, if you need to add other ideas, you can do that, too. This assignment is worth 15 points. The Trail of Tears was the worst experience of my life. It began when my family I had to our my home. I was not allowed to take what I wanted, I was forced to take what the army allowed me to take and it was almost winter. We had been traveling for a few days now and we needed food, so I had to hunt but my gun was taken, luckily I had my blowdart gun. I killed a small deer and everyone wanted a piece so we shared as much as we could, but it was not enough. Months had past and we had arrived at the Mississippi River and had to cross, my cousin and grandfather had drown, our family was saddened but we had to continue. Almost a full year had gone by and we finally had reached Tahlequah. More loved ones had died on this horrible journey and four­thousand people had died in this wretched year. The trail of tears ruined our
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