US History: The Genius Of Earth Day

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Demauris Dixon
U.S History
The Genius of Earth Day Book Essay

Earth Day is one of the most important days in gloabl history, which created a powerful social impact on American civilization historically, that still lives on today. Starting from the 1960’s, the social movement towards environmental importance impacted American history, which transfromed to a global priority today. Within the “prehistory of Earth Day”, Americans became energized and joined the Earth day social movement due to the urgency of demanding a better quality of life. Through the demands of the people, this movement created an awareness for prioritized political attention of all activists groups. Pollution was one of the major issues that played a huge role
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Senator Nelson who’s known for presenting the idea of the Earth Day teach-in, also formed a strong staff, to help spread and empower the movement. Nelson hired Pete Mcloskey, who served as a former Republican politician as a member of the U.S House of Representatives in Califronia. Mcloskey would be the co-chairmen, and he recruited Denis Hayes who attended Harvard Univeristy, as the national coordinator.
According to page (78), it says, “ Hayes brought two collegues from Harvard, Andrew Garling and Stephen Cotton...Garling became the Northeast coordinator and recruited several other staff members...Cotton ultimately served as the media
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More people have become aware of global environmental issues, which makes it easier to gain activism from people around the world. Earth day has become as one of the largest global events in world history, in which billions of people celebrate, a day filled with positive actions towards the environment and respect for the Earth. Today, the major topic involves the pursuit towards a clean environement, as global warming becomes worse overall. Author Adam Rome, who wrote the novel, created a book in which stronly reflects the same issues that connect to the Earth Day 1970. The main correlation, involves the continous fight towards global envrionmental issues, in which today air pollution, and envrionemtal pollution both play the biggest roles with global warming today. I believe this novel is very inisghtful and it helped me learn a new part of history that
I wasn’t aware of. I truly believe the reasoning of why I never heard of this event lies in what’s mainly the importance in society today. I believe environmental issues get thrown to the side unfairly, and knowing that ironicaly global warming is a huge issue that gets ignored constantly. Overall, Earth Day is one of the most important days globally and should be supported more through safer actions towards protection of the environment.
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