US Intelligence Sees Cyber Threats Eclipsing Terrorism: An Analysis

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U.S. Intelligence Sees Cyber Threats Eclipsing Terrorism
The issue of security is no longer an aspect that easily definable or that can be controlled through traditional means. During the Cold War era, security was defined in terms of the nuclear threat and that of global war in the bipolar system. Today, and especially after the 2001 terrorist attacks over the United States, the issue of terrorism has become rather debated and is seen as the main threat to security. Even so, recent events have placed yet another major threat on top of the list of menaces to national and international security. Cyber threats are nowadays one of the most important aspects to be taken into account when drafting security policies and dealing with risks at the level of the state or the international security. In order to provide a clear image of this argument it is important to review both terms of the comparison, terrorism and cyber threat, providing information on both, while considering actions to follow.
The 9/11 events have placed an important pressure on the issue of security and most importantly they have redefined the way in which the war is waged at the moment. In this sense, it is nowadays widely considered the fact that unconventional warfare represents the most important threat to the national security. Therefore, the United States, as one of the most important actors on the international scene has reshaped the national security strategy in order to better and more efficiently
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