US Intervention In The Persian Gulf

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On September 11, 1990, President George Herbert Walker Bush outlined the reasons why America had the duty to intervene in the Persian Gulf. On January 1991, the United States went to war in what was named Operation Desert Storm to stop the dictator Saddam Hussein, who had invaded Kuwait and was moving towards Saudi Arabia. President Bush believed that the United States, together with other twenty nations, had to put an end to inhuman behaviors and to aggressions brought upon countries by dictators. America had to maintain its role of economic power in the world and protect world’s precious resources such as oil. It was necessary to help Kuwait’s government by making Iraqi forces back down and leave the territory. In fact, Iraq was putting at sake the security of the Persian Gulf, and something needed to be…show more content…
In fact, it was in control of 10% of the oil reserves, and Kuwait had precious oil resources too. Oil was an extremely vital resource for the world, and America could not risk losing it. Moreover, tyranny was not only endangering Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, but all the countries around them. The King of Saudi Arabia had requested help, and the U.S., along with other nations, had military forces dispatched on the territory, ready for a counterattack. America called for Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait, restoring its legitimate government. Also, the United Nations requested for all hostages of foreign origins to be released. President Bush made a point that America was not going to be in the territory just temporarily because of its role of protecting, helping, and defending its friends. In addition, it was important to deter Iraq from creating weapons of mass destruction. The United States, as a great power, had the duty to act against dictatorships, and since the economic situation was going to be altered, it was crucial to stop Saddam Hussein
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