US Intervention and the Acceleration of Genocide in Foreign Countries

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US Intervention and the Acceleration of Genocide in Foreign Countries In Roland Joffe's (1984) The Killing Fields, two journalists' attempt to uncover and expose the detrimental effects of United States military action in Cambodia is thwarted by US intervention. Army reporters deliver to the press a sanitized version of a bombing that has obliterated a Cambodian city by mistake and the two journalists realize that the truth of the war is being whitewashed and a way is being paved for authoritarian takeover in Asia. The United States has always had an official policy of fighting Communism, and yet its tactics overseas seem to be anything but helpful. In fact, very often the military action of the United States tends to support the killing of many people. This paper will analyze the role of the United States in perpetuating or aiding in the genocidal episodes of modern history and show how US intervention has often accelerated genocidal events. As Stephen Kinzer states, "America's long 'regime change' century dawned in 1893 with the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy" (2). Imperialism or New Expansionism, as it was also called was on the rise. Industrialization had catapulted America from a place with wild frontiers to a place where big business could couple with government to send military around the world in order to colonize. The 20th century was a century of war, in which America developed a colonial presence in the Philippines, South America, Central America,
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