US Involvement In World War I

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The World War 1 was the first war in the involved at one time. The United States did not join into the World War 1 until 1917; they were afraid of weakening the economy balance; also wanted to save money by not entering the war. United States entered the war by; Germany attacked some parts of the United States territory. President Wilson took action and declared war on Germany. Then, Germany's military retreated and on October 4, 1918, the German government appealed to President Wilson for an armistice. United States involvement in the war in Europe led to economic challenges and opportunities for Americans. The countries that were involved in the World War 1 were Great Britain, France, Russia, United States, Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy.…show more content…
They helped the allies with Germany and it triggered an economic impact that benefited farmers and working Americans. Many American businesses made huge money from the World War 1. The trading with the other countries of supplies went back to how it was, such of the trade of grain, weapons and manufactured goods flowed to Britain and France, the United States became a creditor nation. Government powers expanded during the war, with new federal agencies overseeing almost every part of the economy that was starting to expand. To ensure production of vital war materials, the government created the national war labor Board in April 1918. The board pressured businesses to grant some of the workers' pressing demands. Then taxing become higher to the people, therefore to pay for the war effects. The World War 1 cost the United States on enormous amount of money, about $32 billion. Two-thirds of this money was raised by selling the American people war bonds, or Liberty Bonds. The federal government also raised money for the war by increasing taxes and requiring a greater number of Americans at rates as high as 70% of their income to support pay the war. The first reason why the United States became involved in the World War 1 was violence. The entry of the United States into the war made an immediate differences, eventually leading to Germany's surrender. The war ended when the Central Powers, the countries that lost, signed various treaties with the Allied Powers. After World War 1, the United States was established as a world leader and an economic
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