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9/29/11 IAH 201 11367 US Makes Its Presence In The World From the time of the Spanish American War, until the current conflict in the Middle East, the United States went from relative isolation to increased global involvement because of international idealism, and the entrance into World War 1, World War II, and Vietnam. The consequences of this increased global involvement on American society was the new idea of positions in society for African Americans, and the counter culture movement that began in the sixties and has evolved until recent times During the Spanish American war, American policy makers became obligated to think about more global involvement because of new technological advancements. Rosenberg explains…show more content…
illiterate (some but not all), and were forced to work manual labor jobs. This may not seem like a big deal to most policy makers and citizens, but this was taking away jobs from those American Citizens who had been in this country their whole lives, and were struggling to get a job themselves. Some were also afraid that the increase of manual workers would decrease the average wage for citizens around the country. A rather small, but meaningful consequence of globalization of our country, is that the U.S. became a world bank for numerous countries around the world, and that is very consequential for us. As Doctor Magee said in lecture, “Everyone owed us money,”6The Spanish American war was just the beginning of a never ending debt that to this day still remains from countries around the world from our constant support for world order. Lastly, utopian thought after the war was a hope for all people, not only the working class. Believing that the world would be like how Edward Bellamy described it in Looking Backward, “All that society had to do was recognize and cooperate with that evolution, when its tendency had become unmistakable.”7 Many thought that after winning the war, Utopianism would come. But what a consequence to that thought would be, is that after their experience with war, there will always be another dispute, and always be a deficit to overcome because of either a war, or a national debt from paying for other countries problems.

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